New SGCD loud pop/thump when changing to/from HT input?


I just received brand new SGCD today and it makes really loud pop/thump in right channel when switching between HT input or any other input. In left channel you can barely hear it - this is okay I think. This is happening only when HT pass-through is enabled and does not matter if AVR cables are connected or not.

SGCD -> XLR -> M700 -> Speakers

Tried without source cables and when I switch XLR right to left / left to right it goes to left channel. With RCA to M700 the pop/thump is even louder, almost damaging speakers!

Here is the video:

So I’m really sad now, what are my options? Let my dealer know and request for a replacement unit?

I contacted service@psaudio and found out that my SGCD has old firmware with HT pass-through bug. Nice quick answer/info, great! :+1:

Found more bugs. When I use regular RCA input and crank up the volume for HT AVR there are loud bangs with every increased volume step. Here is the video: Another bug is volume level 1 is quite loud for evenings/late night listening sessions. Are these bugs also fixed in new firmware?

New firmware did not fix any of my problems and I even found more problems. When Mytek Brooklyn is playing on analog input 1 I can hear it quietly on the background from input 2 and 3.

Now it is clear that my SGCD is faulty and dealer accepted to replace it. I hope this is a final edit of this post. :slight_smile:

Edit4 19.06.2018:

I received the replacement unit and it has exactly the same problems as my first unit. It seems to me that DC is building up (when digital source is playing on coax or usb) in output capacitor and when I switch inputs the capacitor is discharged (I measured max 180mV) into output. But I don’t get it how this can be only in right channel in two separate units.

My dealer tested it for a week and told me that this is not SGCD’s problem, the problem is in my home probably with ground. I have dedicated line from circuit braker to rack. All my gear is grounded in the same power strip except Raspberry pi with Allo DigiOne spdif hat and Google Chromecast which have linear power supply.

So after a month of finding a solution to use AV Receiver with Stellar Gain Cell DAC I would not recommend to buy SGCD for this purpose!

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