New Shostakovich

Fir the Shostakovich fans out there, there’s a new set of Symphonies 8, 9 & 10 out on the Berlin Phil label conducted by Petrenko. They’re quite remarkable. The 8th is a new benchmark, sitting very comfortably alongside classic recordings from Mravinsky and Haitink. $54USD for the hi-res download.

The 8th was released on Qobuz on Friday


Yep, and I bought the set after hearing half the first movement. I’ve watched them all on DCH, but sometimes the transfers aren’t super, so I wait to stream before buying. After all, if the audio-only isn’t top notch I can just watch it on DCH.

Can you provide a link by any chance? I can’t seem to find it using Qobuz search functions in either their desktop or mobile apps.

Qobuz US link

In Qobuz the release is under Dimitri Chostakovitch.

Link to full set

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I found it via Roon’s Qobuz Grand Selection list. But here is the list to it on Qobuz

I listened to Haitink’s recording this morning. Years ago I had Kondrashin on vinyl, then Haitink on CD. I like Haitink generally. I used to hear him conduct a lot.

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Thanks for the Qobuz links. It took me to the download sale page, but from there I was able to log in and select it for streaming, and from there, mark it as a favorite for easy reference later. Good thing, because in a straight Qobuz search (desktop or mobile, with either spelling) it still doesn’t appear in the results I’m getting.

I listened to all three symphonies in the set over the weekend. 8 is wonderful, 9 is remarkably played, and 10 is as deep and moving as you’d hope. All beautifully recorded.

I wouldn’t describe the 8th as wonderful. It might be fine music, and Sch didn’t write average music, but it’s still pretty sombre and a bit depressing. Some of the better thematic material is borrowed from elsewhere. It was written after his second piano sonata, another large scale and somewhat depressing piece, not often recorded but I have heard Igor Levit play it (he hasn’t recorded it). I don’t get 8 as the heroic piece some some suggest. He was ill in early 1943 after being evacuated and to a cold dingy apartment, the Soviets stopped the Germans at Kursk in the summer of 1943, but it was hardly a victory given the cost, and Sch was feeling some deep personal losses. There is none of his sense of humour and fun in these works, I find them quite hard work however much we should revere the music. I can only take one at a time.

Sorry, I meant the performance is wonderful!