New stellar 300 - how to connect to a pair of REL subs

Looks like I’m getting my new s300 delivered this weekend. I have a pair of REL subs that I want to use with this amplifier. I understand the stellar amplifier is balanced and I will be connecting it via xlr cables to my preamplifier. I see on the REL website one video that shows how to connect to a balanced amplifier and then another video that shows how to connect a pair of RELS —but this second video doesn’t mention whether the amplifier is balanced or not.

Anyone have any experience with this connection?

I have a pair of REL’s connected to my balanced amps. It has been awhile since I set it up but I believe the black wire had to be left off of the negative post on the amp. With an unbalanced the black and yellow wire are connected together to the negative terminal on the amp. I’ve had several brands of subs over the years but I LOVE my REL’s.

I am REL fan as well. I did have a sub connected to my 700s but not when I had my 300. However I have had multiple RELs w/ different amps. I far as I am aware the REL should connect as normal except when using a Class D. (A quick call to REL may help if you are not sure). With a Class D the black is not used. Some experience a hum (I did not) but there are ways around that as well.