New Stellar DAC > USB Confusion

Hi there -
Am I wrong in thinking that the USB connection should just work? Having unboxed a new Stellar DAC today, I hooked up (an also new) Aries G1 streamer via USB. I finally got that thing to occasionally see the PS1 Audio USB 2.0 port, but it won’t actually play anything. It goes into an error message after a min or so (sorry, don’t have the actual message handy). Also, if I connect a laptop to the USB I don’t see the PS Audio as an option in the Sounds set up of OSX.

Couple of quick thoughts. In the G1 you have to select usb as an output. It’s separate from the other outputs. Also you could try the digital coax connection instead of USB. Lastly you might want to check if Stellar is on list of G1-recognized devices. G1 recognizes certain DACs and optimizes it’s rendering. I have G1 but different dac.

If you put both of these devices in new today with your network up and running you should probably reboot the whole network with the G1 last to make sure everything gets a new IP address and then run the complete new device setup for the G1 in Lightning DS. Even if it doesn’t recognize the Gain Cell by name it should recognize the XMOS USB board and you need to select it specifically as the output because the default is the other digital outputs.

Thanks! Yesterday I was able to occasionally select the PS Audio USB as the output on the G1. Sometimes it wouldn’t see it at all and I’d go through a cycle of rebooting both devices. The other digital outputs work fine with the DAC.

I actually think I’m just going to remove the G1 from the system. Adds complexity that I don’t know that I need. I have Node2 which in A/B sounds essentially the same.

Thanks for the reply.

I have cycled the devices a few times, but didn’t think about cycling the network. I’ll try that later. Thanks!