New Stellar GCD Chassis?

Just received my GCD today expecting it to be significantly lighter than the SPP according to the specs. It appears the chassis material is now steel versus aluminum and now the two weigh the same. Any thoughts on why the change?

I bought the GCD in 2018 (sold early this year and replaced by BHK preamp). It felt heavier than the M700 at that time.

Yeah, this was a fairly recent upgrade we made. Maybe over a year ago now. Steel is preferred for RF purposes and is more robust. My understanding is the cost to do so wasn’t impacted much either.


Thanks for the explanation. I guess the Specifications are yet to be updated.

Now I need to go find a magnet.

Just curious, if the “upgraded” GSD is heavier, by how much? What’s the new weight? Since I have one sitting on a glass shelf with other components, I want to know if I’m pushing the limits of the glass weight load recommendation.

Shoot me a quick email and I’ll look into it. I’m going to be without internet access for a few days, but will find out when I’m back. Because our shipping documents haven’t changed, I really don’t think it was by very much.

I can’t weigh it directly but the shipping weight has increased by 10lbs so that would imply that your looking at going from 13.5libs to 22-24lbs.

That would be a significant increase, thanks.

Email sent, thanks.