New Stellar m700/GCD -- hookup to a single REL?


Hey Paul, it’s entirely personal preference, but yes, I would dim them a bit if I could. Mostly just at night while movie watching.

When Googling this I think I came across some other PS Audio products which may have had selectable front light brightness (maybe selectable with multiple positions of the rear power switch?)

Not a big deal in any case. I might try some tinted film cut to size and see how that looks!


Hi Darren, I also just received my new M700 pair and intend to use it with my REL. I have not hook them up yet.

If I get hum without connecting the ground wire, can I connect it to my preamp which has a ground connection for the phono stage?

Also does it help too if connect the ground to an artificial ground box unit ?


Hi again

So I connected my REL to the high level outputs on my Marantz integrated receiver and it did work well initially, but there were two issues:

  1. The output from the Marantz began a few seconds before the M700s had powered-up. This meant I heard bass audio only for a few seconds before my main speakers output any sound.

  2. The configuration worked well initially (aside from point 1 above) but then it developed a hum from the sub, loudest when the system was powered-off. The hum was present with both high-level (Neutrik) or low-level (0.1 LFE) connections.

I have therefore elected to connect the Neutrik directly to the M700s as detailed earlier in this thread. I am only using this connector now and have left the LFE cable disconnected.

My question is regarding where to connect the ground (black) wire to the M700. The post above states to the chassis. Others have stated this can be done by loosening a screw, then re-tightening over the wire. Would an alternative be to use the more accessible silver part on the balanced input? Does this connect to ground? See attached photo.

Finally, is it strictly necessary to use the ground wire at all? While connecting the REL to the M700s, when I had only the red and yellow cables connected, the sub seemed to run fine, and with no hum.

Thanks in advance for any help!



That’s fine and no, there’s no reason other than hum to use the ground wire. Don’t use it if you don’t have to.


Thanks Paul. So just to confirm, the sliver clip thing on the balanced input is grounded?


That’s right, that grounds the head shell of XLR cables and too connects their shield.


Since this thread has been re-started, I just wanted to make a relevant point to the OP.

It’s really too bad - IMO - that the OP bought the single T9i. Anyone making the same decision for Maggies should note that for practically the same money you can have two T5i’s and get much better integration. I went down that same decision road for my Magnepan 2.7 QR’s, spent about 1/2 hour on the phone with a REL engineer, and wound up with a pair of T5, instead of a single T7 or T9. And boy am I glad I did. Sounds spectacular. Great integration. And surprisingly flexible placement with a pair of subs.

And since we are talking REL’s with Maggies, don’t be afraid to set that crossover frequency low. Start at around 52 Hz, and work your way down from there.