New Stereo Setup


Hi all,
i’m new here and my english isn’t well but i will give my best. :)

I’m new in this whole Stereo stuff, my oncle told me that Stereo is made for music so i bought myself a Stereo AMP. The Onkyo TX-8020 pluged my Elac FS57 and it sounds petty good. Now i feel that there is missing something, i mean the sound isn’t that clear… it sound good but ehh hard to explain… there is missing something… clarity, precision or something.

So i was looking for some new SMALL speakers because i don’t want any big ones… i found the KEF LS50, after watching some videos i see that there have much technology inside, made with precision… pair of the KEF LS50 costs about 850€ (1000USD). If it sound that good like they say on the video i guess it’s worth it and i want really 99% to buy the KEF LS50.

But i’m not sure if i need a subwoofer (Closed one, not bass reflex) to extend the bass range from 75hz (47hz -10db) to ~25hz. I’m using my Sony Xperia Z3 to play music via Bluetooth on my Inakustik Bluetooth receiver. I will 100% buy a CD Player from Denon or something.

I found those things
Denon DCD-720AE CD-Player
Not i don’t know which subwoofer i should take
This KEF R400b or KEF Q400b ? Or another one ?

I’m not a millionaire but i want a Stereo HiFi for really long time… not changing speakers all 1-2 Years… i want to have it really long time or even life time ^.^

I want a clear and precision sound.

Thank you for your time and i hope my english wasn’t that bad :stuck_out_tongue: