Nice video of the new PS Audio AN3 Louspeakers


The speakers look look impressive. Other than that, I don’t know what this video is supposed to demonstrate.

Yeah - not to pile on here, but fail to grasp the point of this sort of video. I was sure at first that someone had dubbed in someone else’s voice for Darren’s - it sounds so unlike him. But it is just that it is a poor recording from across the room, which is what we’re hearing the stereo through. You would think actual “AV” people would get that, but it is remarkable how few “video” people understand recording audio.


Not to mention, the track played doesn’t exactly sound like a challenge to any decent speakers. They do look nice though.

One assumes it is a nicely recorded track. However, you could play anything you want in that situation - The “Bestest” version of Kind of Blue, or whathaveyou, and it would still be mangled (not to mention off-center and out of phase).

The fact that I couldn’t recognize a voice I hear every week, standing between the speakers, is a clue.

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I always enjoy watching AV’s videos for what they are. No you can’t judge the sound, but AV’s group has listened to many speakers and I feel their ending comments are a starting point for me as 90 percent of the speakers they post on YouTube I’d never get a chance to hear. That and you can see the speaker design and ancillary equipment too.


Recording audio doesn’t matter if you play it on Youtube… Not to mention that sh1tty little DAC chippy in your PC… I do like their video’s, his wife also throwing in her opinions… Very entertaining…

I think the point of the video is to show what the speakers look like in a home/audio room environment.

That may have been what Teri was going for with the room, but a static shot from one position doesn’t give me a lot of information in that regard. And it could then have been a fraction as long.

Given what the video does, a good photograph or two and a better audio recording would’ve been better all around.

Wow. Tough crowd. Point of the video? Free advertising right?? Why a video? People will look at it longer to see if something happens. Giving you …MORE free advertising? Sound? Sounded great on my incredibly large iPhone speaker. Lol. You can’t listen to speakers on the net and make a valued judgement. But you can get some nice free advertising for your product.