No gapless? again!

Not getting gapless thru Bridge2 playing DSD. WTF!

That is an interesting observation. I have tried to imagine how one would implement gapless playback for DSD, and it seems difficult and fraught with problems. I shall be fascinated when you get an informed response.

It’s worked for the last couple years. playing DSD gapless has not been an issue for me until now.

Confirmed. 3 seconds before the end of a track with Jriver there’s a gap. Support wanted to solve it with the last update…since then no further feedback on request. Guess we will have to wait for the next update which can take over a year.

Bridge since I bought it never worked without bugs, but bugs changed…this one is one of the slightly worse.

Fixed! Rolled the Bridge firmware back to 3.5.1 just like I did a year or so ago to fix the same issue. Wish I could have remembered sooner…