No Ground Present - AV-5000

Hi all,

I am using an AV-5000 Power Centre driving my amp, phono pre-amp and turntable motor. I have an AC5 Power Cable connecting it to my supply, and only fairly generic cables connecting the components to the Power Centre as mine is an IEC outlet type being in Australia.

My amp is a Classe CAP 2100. When I go into the system menu for this amp, it reports power conditions. One of the messages is “No Ground Present”. It doesn’t do this when I connect it to another power conditioner or directly to the wall.

Does this indicate there is something wrong with the AV-5000 or is this normal?

Many thanks


Happy to attach photos tonight if that helps explain anything.

As I am in the process of selling this and in the absence of any tips from this forum I played around some more and think I fixed the issue by replacing the IEC cable between the power centre and my amp. I was using a bunch of IEC computer cables I found in an old box at work for the components I hook up to the power centre. As there are only really two (amp and phono pre-amp) this power centre with 5 zones and 10 outlets is very much overkill, which is why I am selling it.

Thanks for letting us know of the fix.