No IP Address?

I just checked the network address on DSJ and it shows up as This makes no sense to me since it is connected to a network and the status indicator lights on the back panel are blinking. Additionally I am able to connect to the DSJ via Room and am streaming music to the unit which means it must have an IP connection. I am confused. Is this normal behavior? I have only had this thing for four days and am still learning but this seems like a problem. I shut it down and rebooted it and it’s still the same. Anyone else seen this before?

I seem to remember this is normal because of a bug, but I could be wrong. Let me see if we can get you an answer from the programmer.

Good morning Paul. I just checked it this morning and there was an IP address. It would be good to know if this is a bug rather than a malfunction.

Sometimes the DS jr gets a CRC error in serial port communication with the bridge, and it will show for the IP address if it does. The bridge is still working. This is a know issue.


Thanks that’s sort of a relief. This was a dealer demo unit and I was afraid there was something wrong with it. I can accept a bug since it’s fixable with an update. Thanks for the answer.