No more super tuck or puppy pose on handlebar

The new road racing rules kicked in on April 01 and I have to admit some of the new descending poses look a lot like the now banned super tuck. Going to be a nightmare to judge whether the positions are legal or not. Some others used now also look more unstable than the super tuck. Curious to see how this plays out but I’m not sure banning the riding positions is such a great idea.

[side note: apologies if I appear rude, auto correct likes to change tuck in super tuck into something that starts a bit more with a letter f.]

The first guy has also disqualified for littering for tossing away a drink bottle. Yes, Gerard Thomas was badly hurt for crashing over a drink bottle and in general cutting down on the littering is a good idea but maybe some discretion should be exercised.

Have to feel for Schär, he clearly tosses the bottle to the spectators, one of whom darts towards it, and immediately remembers the new rules.

Hope the new rules won’t turn racing into a farce.

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