No network on junior

i have a second hand directsteam junior.
i hook up the network cable but the device cant connect to the home network.
as i see at the back panel the lights at the network socket are not flashing.
what should i do?
does the “directstream bridge rescue” might give a solution?

I had the same issue when I first got my DSjr. It turned out that one of the Ethernet pairs was flipped and a technician corrected it. I did think it odd that I had used the same jack for my Oppo BDP-105D and network connectivity was fine. I was told that some equipment tolerates the incorrect wiring.

Have you double checked the cable?

You mean, one of the pairs in the cable termination was flipped, and a technician re-terminated it correctly?

No, and sorry I wasn’t more clear. One of the pairs in the wall running between the Ethernet jack by my router, and the other end near my audio system where the DSjr is plugged in. Funny, it was the same guy that wired it 10+ years earlier, so he fixed it and didn’t charge me.

That’s odd. Anybody doing network cabling should be testing every termination with a cable tester.

Agreed! In fact, I determined the issue when I borrowed a cable tester from one of the network guys at the office. Troubleshooting was hampered by the fact that my Oppo worked fine with the same connection, so I took “in-wall wiring” off of my list. Only after trying about a half dozen Ethernet cords and figured they can’t all be bad did I go back to the jack wiring.

i did everything
ive changed cables, router, sockets. nothing
tomorrow im going to change home…another installation another -better- router.

Considering you’ve tried all those things it’s quite possible your DSJ is faulty.

but it was working before. plus Ethernet sockets dont get faulty easily , its a hot plug connection. you can hook up an Ethernet cable any time. i was wondering if any bridge firmware update will do anything. but since at jr the bridge firmware update is through internet connection it cant be done and i dont know if there is a way to do it through usb . i cant find these procedure at the ps audio site.


Most stuff that breaks down was working before it broke down.


what is the " DirectStream Bridge Rescue"?