No progress bar - no initialization after rear switch on



I’ve bought 5 days ago a used PWD Mk1 with the bridge - maybe 3.5 years old.

In the night, I switch the PWD off with the switch at the rear. In the morning, when I switch him on and the display shows the initialization screen, there is no running progress bar. In this condition, the PWD has to stay for longer than one hour. And than I have to switch him off and on at the rear again to start the system-loading with normal function in several seconds.

It is reproducable every time, the PWD has been power off at the rear for more than 2-3 hours.

But if I make a new system start with less than one or two hours, the initialization will typical normaly.

The seller told me, that the PWD was without power for several month (he doesn’t use it).

What is the bug?

Is inside the PWD a mini accumulator, which is defect ot totaly empty and which is need for booting (and get a little load in 1 hour)?

Depends this bug on system temperatur?

Or try the bridge a web adress, which can not find and goes into a timeout after one hour, so it starts normaly afterwards?

Please help me, because I’m “in love” with the DAC since I’ve heard him the first hour and I do not want to rescind the sale (if it is possible).

I installed the actual firmware for the PWD and the bridge, but the error is still there.



It sounds like there is an issue with the display board or the power supply board. There is no know issue that can cause this problem.One thing you can try is to remove the bridge and see if the problem persist.

Contact PS Audio for help.



Another solution is to leave the PWD powered on all the time, which almost everyone here does. Small power waste but it is ready to play and sounding its best immediately whenever the mood strikes you.



What JP said. Just put it standby when not in use by pressing the blue logo on the front panel or the “off” button on the remote.