No Sound with Audirvana/SGCD

I am attempting to use Audirvana to play Qobuz from my iMac to my Stellar GCD, but when the track starts playing all I hear is a couple of clicks and then nothing, although the track appears to still be playing. Audirvana plays just fine when I airplay to my AppleTV. Also, I can play Qobuz directly to the SGCD via USB with no problem. I must be missing a setting somewhere. Can anyone help?

Can you get Audirvana to play via your library? Is the DAC selected? Here’s a photo of selecting the DAC.

What do you mean by “Via your library“? As I said, Audirvana plays fine by airplay to Apple TV for Qobuz, iTunes, Tidal, whatever I want. But when I attempt to direct connect to the SGCD via USB, there is no sound. What is that menu you took a screenshot of? That doesn’t look familiar to me.

Audirvana 3.5.9 for Mac desktop player. The initial picture was the right side of the screen when you click on the “speaker” at the right bottom of the screen.

Two more pics…the whole screen, and a closer view of the left side of the screen.

Library is your own music collection. Qobuz is listed in the column below

Audirvana 3.5 brought a major revision to the interface.

After you click on the little speaker and choose your DAC, click on the arrow to the right of the DAC. There are more settings.

I am using 3.2.14. Here is the preference page for devices. Stellar Gain Cell DAC chosen. Any other items I should change. I assume 3.2.14 worked before 3.5.9 came out.

I suggest you post your question Here. Damien, the Audirvana developer is active there, as well as many very knowledgeable A+ users. Hopefully they can get you going.

You can also email Damien at

3.5 would be a free upgrade for you.

OK, upgraded to 3.5.9 and still have same issue. A user on the Audiostyle site said “Their are incompatibility issues between Audirvana and PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. Your PS Audio Stellar Gain cell may likewise be affected”. Does anyone here have it working from a Mac via USB direct to the SGCD?

The trouble with Audirvana and the DSD is a different thing. Going straight USB to the GDAC isn’t related to this at all. Are you able to get any audio out of the GDAC via USB such as youtube or something?

Yes, I can play Qobuz via USB without going thru Audirvana, no problem.

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, but I use Audirvana with Win 10.
Have you gone through all the menus? It has to be something simple.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. SGCD chosen everywhere there is an opportunity. That’s why I’m asking for additional suggestions…

Try some other other settings. I remember with 2.6.8 only some of the upsampling settings worked for me. Power of two didn’t work, but times two did. It was something random.

OK, think I found the solution, for me at least. dancingsea, thanks for the suggestion about power of 2 not working. That wasn’t the option, but it got me experimenting with some of the other settings. I was beginning to think there are thousands of permutations of settings, and this may be a lost cause. However, I stumbled across the Low Level Playback settings and discovered if I turned off the Exclusive Access option, I got music! With that on it also opened an Integer Mode option. That’s the one that has to be off for music to flow. Now I will have to play with some of the other options to see if it can be tweaked. At least I now have Audirvana via USB playing on the SGCD! :grinning::joy::grinning:


Glad you got it figured out, and thanks for keeping us posted with the fix!

That’s great. I used to own the SGCD and for some odd reason, it would play with some A+ settings and not others, even though there was no rational reason why. My DSJ plays with all settings I’ve tried. So there’s something, I suppose, in the handshake between A+ and the SGCD that is finicky.