Noise at end of albums in Snowmass

I have the v2 update of Snowmass and the bridgeII update on DSD (and DSD Jr.). Since installing Snowmass v1, when an album finishes playing, there is a loud noise, a sort of electrical clicking sound, that emanates from my speakers. I use Roon and have radio turned off, so I imagine that the incoming signal from Roon ceases after an album completes and their is nothing in the. queue. I’m not aware of a Roon update since I installed Snowmass, and this issue began immediately after I updated the DSD Sr. the first time. Thoughts?

I have a similar problem, but in my case, the noise, clicks, & pops were happening with Red Cloud after I had updated to the latest bridge firmware. Did you update both simultaneously, since it might be the bridge creating the issue. Check this thread.

It’s happens with 3.6.17 with either Red Cloud or Snowmass.

Thank you! After reading your response, I’m realizing that I’m uncertain that it was after the Snowmass install that this issue began - it may very well have been after the BridgeII update. I will try the rollback. Thanks again.

Sure thing. I have the same issue.