Noise issue when NuWave DSD DAC work with MAC at USB2.0

When NuWave DSD DAC work with MAC at USB2.0, noise detected with music, after minutes the music stopped. I restart the DAC and it switched to USB1.0 automaticlly, the noise disapeared. No matter I use Audirvana Plus or itunes, the problem is the same. I try to work with WIn7 at USB2.0, no noise.

Hi wangwei_99,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

The MAC has a built in 2.0 driver installed that works with our XMOS chip.

You will need to use the 2.0 driver with the NuWave DSD DAC.

As you’ve done the work to successfully test the NuWave with a Windows computer we believe this issue is likely related to your Mac but we need to know a little more to understand what is happening.

If you can, please describe the noise you are hearing?

Are you hearing this with Audervana disabled when you use iTunes?

Can you test the USB output with a network player like Youtube, Pandora, etc?

Thanks for letting me know,

  • Jeremy

Also, to contact us directly you may reach out to us at

I replace the USB cable (a Belden one), everything is Ok now!