Noise with GCHA Amp



I have a PS Audio GCHA amp that has noise in the both channels but primarily in the right channel. The noise sounds like static/rustling wind and can be heard with or without a source connected. There is no noise with initial power on if the amp has been unplugged and left off. But as the amp warms up, the noise grows louder and louder. The entire amp is warm to the touch and the bottom where the transistors are mounted are hot to the touch.

I’ve already ordered, matched, and replaced the TO-220 transistors but this has not solved the issue. My guess is that something is causing these transistors to run hotter than usual.

Does anyone have ideas of where I can go from here?


Does anyone have ideas of where I can go from here?
If you don't want to fix it yourself, write Alex at and explain the problem. If it's out of warranty, he'll give you an estimate for repair and issue you an RMA. My P600 recently went tango uniform and PS Audio was able to fix it quickly and relatively inexpensively.

If you want to continue on the DIY path, I’d check the capacitors first.


+1 on both suggestions.


Yes, exactly. Give Alex a shout.