Noisey channels in DirectStream DAC

I have recently developed a lot of noise from both channels of the DS DAC. Doen’t matter which input is selected, same result. The right channel is louder than the left, and I verified this by switching channels. At first, I thougt my amp had a bad tube, but after replacing the output and input tubes, I still had the same problem. Even went as far as changing out the cables. Anyone else have this type of problem with the DAC?

A few questions that might help narrow it down:

You mentioned that you tried multiple inputs, did you try multiple sources? Which sources are you using?

On PCM and DSD inputs? (If you don’t do DSD, you don’t need to test it, but if the problem is only on DSD the most likely problems are different.)

Could you run the bit-perfect test? It could help to see if it’s something simple like a configuration problem in the source (or an OS update, etc.)

Have you turned the DS off and back on?

If the bit perfect test works and you’ve tried powering the DAC off and back on with no success, you might downgrade the DS’s OS to Yale and then update it back to Torreys. Check the configuration screen to verify that you got to Yale and then that you got back to Torreys. If you haven’t updated software in the past here’s the How To and you can download old DS OSs at

If that doesn’t help contacting PS Audio support would be a good idea (you can, of course contact them sooner if you wish :slight_smile: )

I might be wrong but I think there is only Torreys O/S for DS & Junior listed on the downloads page…? Luckily - I always download to a fresh SD card and I have a full set including all betas…" which in all likelihood I will never use again " I have just double checked and I can only see Torreys on my screen ?

All of the past Firmware updates are there, once you get to the page Ted linked to you have to then look under “Product Update Archives”.

In response to Ted, yes I did try the coax input with a transport and USB from my laptop. Nothing changed. What is the bit perfect test you are referring to? I did go back to the Yale software, and after a couple hours listening, went back to Torreys. I will try turning the DAC on and off to see if that makes any difference.

There’s a link in my post just after mentioning the bit perfect test that describes it and tells you how to run it.

Got it, just looked at the page. Thanks Ted, I will go through the checks and see what happens.