Nordost Tyr Speaker Cables, 2M (off market)

For sale is my 2 meter pair of Nordost Tyr speaker cables in excellent used condition. The Tyrs are terminated with banana connectors (Nordost Z-plug) and are bi-wired at the speaker end. I will also provide four Cardas banana-to-spade adaptors if you would like to use the cables as a single run rather than in bi-wire configuration.

● Capacitance: 11.0 pF/ft
● Inductance: 0.11 uH/ft
● Propagation: 92% speed of light
● MSRP: $5,399 for 2 Meter Pair

I will cover shipping and PayPal fees for a North American buyer. Price: $1950.

Are these Tyr I or Tyr II?
Are pictures available?

The speaker cables are Nordost Tyr l. I will try to get some photos posted tomorrow.

Was hoping for Tyr II, as a friend just installed a [air. Incredible cables BTW.
I’ll pass on the TYR I.

@weedeewop - yes, the Tyr2 are amazing. I own a 2 meter set and they are the bomb.

I did an extensive in-home demo of Tyr II and Valhalla II against my Tyr I. I found The Valhalla IIs to be a significant upgrade but the Tyr II to be only a modest incremental improvement over Tyr I. But that is splitting hairs because all of the Tyr and Valhalla I and II are, in my hearing and experience, very open and transparent. The main thing I notice as you move up the line is a greater sense of ease, but at an exponentially increasing cost.

@socal77 - thanks for the feedback on the cables and my sentiments exactly. I have Valhalla 2 XLR (60cm) for my DSD to BHK Preamp, Valhalla 2 XLR (60cm) from BHK Preamp to BHK250, and Valhalla 2 HDMI (1m) from DMP to DSD. I love that line of Nordost interconnects, just amazing. I have flirted with moving from Tyr2 speaker to Valhalla 2 speaker cables… however, that is a little down the road upgrade. I just bought (2) new BHK300s and going the Matrix so I have to pace myself… :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know it is that big of a step.

I have decided to take the Nordost Tyr speaker cables off the market for now. I moved them to my second system and they sound awesome! If interested, PM me.