NOS JAN 6922's

Folks, I had bought up a ton of these Philips tubes decades ago to use in my Sonic Frontiers preamp, which I no longer have (that was probably a dumb move of me, but there you go.) The prices on these have crept rather skyward over the years; I don’t really have time to ship them to people one or a few tubes at a time, so am posting them here in case a lucky audiophile wants to take, say, 24 of them off my hands. (I have slightly over 30 but figure I’ll keep a few laying around just in case.) Happy to take pix, they are in their original sleeves and boxes just as I bought them. I do have a tube tester but no time to start dealing with it at the moment, so am representing these as definitely NOS but untested for noise. They are known to not work well in Audible Illusions preamps but were more than OK in my Sonic Frontiers gear and a bunch of other things I used them in back in the day. So, if anybody wants to scarf 'em up, make me an offer of $125 or over plus shipping and I am listening. At that price you should easily be able to sell them off and make a few $$$, if you want.

UPDATE: Sale Pending