Not able to Upgrade PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC /Direct Stream to Windom


I am trying since two days to upgrade my PS Audio Perfect wave (upgraded to Direct stream) to Windom.
I use:

  1. A new MacBook Air running Mac OS 10.15.2
  2. An SD card reader from San Disk
  3. A San Disk 2 GB SD card (larger and newer cards unfortunately are no accepted by the Ps Audio device)
  4. BalenaEtcher version 1.5.70 as suggested
  5. The DSD Windom for Mac version downloaded from you site

Unfortunately, I cannot load the image in the SD card using BalenaEtchter because I am always asked a password which however is neither my admin password nor my user password…

I already tried to format the SD drive before (EXFAT, FAT32, MacOS journaled), without any success.
Can you please help me install the new firmware Windom successfully and without problems?

thank you and best wishes for the new year to all off you!

You don’t need etcher to write to a card. Etcher is an app that helps minimize errors when writing data to portable media. You can write directly to the card. Make sure that it’s FAT32 and formatted first.

The other option is to use the SD card already in the unit, as it’s already formatted properly. 2GB is plenty of room for many firmware uploads. I have 5 on my original SD card. Just create a folder in the root directory of the SD card and transfer the old files into that new folder. That way you can re-install the old firmware version if you don’t like Windom. Next, transfer the Windom files into the root directory of the SD card. Note: these files MUST be in the root (top) directory, otherwise the DirectStream bootloader can’t read them and reprogram the FPGA. (Check and make sure your current SD card has done this) Make sure that ONLY the Windom files are in the root directory and all the other files are either removed or stored in other folders.

Turn the power off at the switch, Insert the card into the Memory player (In the DS Sr, the gold contacts face UP toward the top of the chassis), re-apply power, and it will reprogram in a few minutes.

More simply stated, the distribution is Not an OS image file, just several binary files which the DSD reads.
So you don’t need any obscure SW, just copy the files to the SD card and insert in the DSD and power-on, as it says in the clear instructions on the PSAudio downloads page.

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You can upgrade a PW to a DS?

Yep: DS Kit.

The only difference after the kit is installed is the IR sensor.

Wow - my brother is going to be miffed ; )

Realized he had the PWT. Starting to sympathize with the guy who posted about being confused by all the PS Audio acronyms ; )

Clarification, the PWD can be upgraded to a DS, not a PWT.

I new that was what he was posting about. The Perfectwave DAC.

Dear all, the problem has been solved, thanks for the one that did help with constructive comments.
What I did:

  1. Formatted a SD card in a camera (Leica SL), as this seems to be the only way to format an SD card as “FAT 32” on a Mac (MacBook Pro)
  2. Extracted the “DSD WINDOM.img” be double clicking on it
  3. Copied the five files on the newly formatted SD card (formatted as FAT 32)
  4. shut down my beloved PS Audio DAC
  5. insert the SD card (contact showing upwards, but its not possible to input the SD card in the wrong way unless you use force…)
  6. start the PS audio Perfectwave DAC (updated to a direct stream DSD)
  7. first, the blue PsAudio logo blinks a certain time
  8. then the normal “initializing” text appears
  9. ready! under the prefs you now see “Windom” installed
  10. the volume is set by default to “25”, so you have to increase it to 100% using the touch display OR the remote control

My first impressions: VERY nice, warm sound, its not like “having new speakers” as someone posted, but it really matters in terms of warmth, the arena of the instruments, e.g. when hearing the new Hero Alpert album “over the rainbow” (beautiful!!) is a bit broader, the trumpet has more body and warmth…

So in summary: thanks Paul!! thanks TED! I am really happy!
Definitely the only company on the world doing such a great free service updating the sound quality of a device that is nearly 10 years (?) old!!!

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Actually, MS-DOS (fat) is how one formats for PSA updates, on MAC. Compatible with FAT16/32.

Thank you for the message !
but strangely when I formatted the SD card in the Mac as MSDOS FAT the PS audio did not update the firmware.
only the after I formatted the SD card as I described Wer Update worked.

Cool! It always works on my set up. Weird.

Now that the SD card is formatted, you can keep using it for future updates. That is, you don’t need a new SD card every time you do an upgrade.



Always good to have a few extra though as they are so cheap. You can buy 2GB SD cards for practically nothing. They usually already come formatted for FAT32. It’s nice to leave one in the unit if you use a Bridge2 to view album art.

There is a Mac freeware program called SDFormatter (and maybe other programs) that will format SD cards as FAT32.

Thank you for your reply actually Sdformatter would do it also
Importantly you don’t need a 2 gigabyte card for their PS audio:
I simply used a 32 GB SD card formatted in the camera and it did the job!