Not detect directstream junior after win11 recover from hibernate status

hi everyone,
I recently find a problem about computer not detect directstream junior dac after win11 recover from hibernate status, and I need turn off and on dac power switch to fix this.
I connect ds jr with PC using usb-cable , it seems work before upgrage to win11 , does any one here have this problem too?

Welcome, @xeon2002 !


It’s possible USB Selective Suspend was enabled when upgrading to win11 and causing an issue. You can take a look here on how to disable and see if that helps -

“Some users have reported that at times the USB port does not get turned back on after Selective Suspend has been applied. Or sometimes even turns itself off without warning. To fix this, you need to disable the USB Selective Suspend feature on your system”

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I’m betting you’ve already tried it but reboot the DSJ with the rear switch as well. Sometimes I have to do this with mine when my computer has an update.


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Hi Excalibur,

I disabled USB Selective Suspend setting yesterday, It seems work, ps audio drive not disapear, thank you very much!