Now's your big chance, Mcintosh MA6100 integrated amp GONE

I have a Mcintosh MA6100 integrated amp that’s surely older than you are, that’s yours for the highest offer plus the cost of Fedex. Big hint here: I might be persuaded to give it away for the most persuasive essay. Brevity gets extra points but is not guaranteed to win.
It looks beautiful. It kinda lights up when plugged in and it didn’t kill me when I just did it. It comes in the walnut case. If you have the skills, this would surely be worth it.


In New York bars, appreciating the music, including the sound quality, is an afterthought. So, as a music-lover and audiophile, I was blown away by Bar Martha in Tokyo. This is the type of joint where listening is mandatory, and where raising your voice will get you kicked out. All the equipment is vintage, including the Tannoys and four-piece Mcintosh rig. Of course the sound was amazing, although every sense was heightened by the experience of sitting in a small, underground bar with a bunch of strangers who were sipping cocktails and silently bobbing their heads to the music. Ever since visiting, I’ve been obsessed with finding a vintage Mcintosh. Unfortunately, they’ve always been out of my price range. It would be an honor to adopt your integrated, and I promise that it would be in a great home in Brooklyn, well-loved and cared for, and that it would forever remind me of one of my most memorable listening sessions and audio experiences.


Just realized I am out of tissues and I had to use toilet paper to wipe my eyes.
That was beeyooteeful, man.
You win. May I suggest that if you’re in Brooklyn, it will surely be cheaper to pick it up from my place in NJ. PM me for details.


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Thank you!!! You made my day x 1,000,000!!!


Yep, that’s the one. Every audio and music nerd should go here at some point. It’s a really special experience.

Glad of that! I must admit, I will be sad seeing it leave. Perhaps a bottle of Perlita malbec/syrah blend, roughly 12 bucks from Shawn Fine Wines on 7th ave in Park Slope will make me feel somewhat better.
Just a thought… :sunglasses:

Consider it done! I’ll probably get you something on top of that, too. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

God bless you.

@BK_Audiophile Way cool.

Thanks for sharing.

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My brother works and lives in Tokyo, he has been many times (we both have the audio bug) he is a MAC guy, me not as much but I respect their gear…

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Now if we can just find someone who has a pair of high powered monoblocks they want to give away, I’ll write a poem for them.

Freakin’ funny.

This is AWESOME…it’s why I love and appreciate communities like this. Koodos to you RonP and congrats BK_Audiophile