NPC Analog In no signal

Hello guys,

Just got a NPC several weeks ago and decided to try the Analog In feature with a tape deck and a tuner. Well, there is no signal when I hook up either. Also, when switching input between phono and analog, I can hear phono when analog is selected. Selecting mute only mutes the right side speaker. I have reset the NPC, downloaded the latest firmware to no avail. Any thoughts?

Edit: After reading further in the manual, evidently the analog out of the NPC is only for phono. The Analog in of the NPC outputs via digital connection, and it works via I2S into my DS Dac. However, on phono input and analog out of the NPC, the mute feature only mutes the right channel.

Yeah, I’ve never understood why the analog in only outputs to the digital. It is a little frustrating. It would be nice to be able to easily monitor the analog input while recording.