NPC Analog Input Issue


I was under the impression that the analog input on the NPC would accept any analog source. I have tried connecting both my sonos ZP80 and my iphone and both yield no output. The phono section of the NPC works properly so it is not an issue with the amp.

Am I mistaken in assuming a source like an iphone with a built in DAC cannot be hooked up via an analog output to the NPC? Would I need a separate DAC in the chain in order to accomplish what I am intending to do?



The NPC will work with analog from an iPhone or a SONOS. Did you select the analog input on the Input Menu?



Thanks for confirming. I did set the input to ‘Analog’ on the NPC. Looks like there is an issue with my unit.


Contact He should be able to help



Indeed but it’s pretty rare we have such a problem. How do you know it’s not working? How is the digital output of the NPC connected to your DAC?


Hi Paul,

There is no DAC in the chain currently. I have my turntable connected to the NPC via the phono stage and the NPC connected to my integrated tube amp. That was part of my initial question; is a DAC required to add an additional analog source even though that source has a DAC built in?



I’m pretty sure the analog input to the NPC is only for purposes of digitizing the source. You would need a DAC to play from that input, unlike the phono input which has both digital and analog outputs.


Yes that is correct. I did not realize that is what you were trying to do. Sorry about that.



Thanks for the replies everyone. I’m sure there is a reason that is the case but it seems odd that would be a requirement given the source has a DAC built in. Looks like the NPC will remain designated for analog use only in my system.