NPC Button Not Responsive, Dim Display, Question about Phase

Hi there,

I just got my NPC yesterday. Like the sound a lot, but have two concerns and one question

  1. Display brightness is stuck at dim and UP button does not respond

  2. Experiencing very noticeable delays and non-response on all four buttons. It typically takes 3 or 4 pushes to get a response

  3. Could you please shed some light on In Phase / Out of Phase?

Thank you!


I just saw that you sent service a request, and have sent you a reply. We can continue talking via email.

Display brightness should be adjustable within the settings, but if the buttons are responding with a lag, it will probably be difficult to adjust.

With regard to the IN and OUT of phase, it is important how the recording was done. If you have the NPC selected to out of phase, you will have flipped the signal 180 degrees, and instead of the driver being pushed out, it will be sucked in. I have heard from a few guys that say they can hear whether or not something was recorded IN or OUT, and they will label their album appropriately to remember how to have it set.