NPC Firmware. Has development work stopped? What about future repair support?

Has the firmware development, corrective and perfective, stopped on the NPC or can we expect any future releases? Also, will PS Audio continue to support the NPC for repairs and, if so, what is your typical support structure for discontinued items look like?

Thanks for building a great unit in the NPC as I have and will continue to enjoy mine for a long time to come!

Somebody from PSA can speak to the details but I can say from my own experience that PSA continues to support its products for as long as humanly possible (which usually means as long as they can find the parts and the cost to the customer doesn’t become prohibitive).

As of right now we aren’t developing new firmware for the NPC, but if any outstanding bugs come up, we will absolutely try to make a fix for it.

For NPC service, Stevem2 was absolutely right. We still offer service for products that are 20 years old. The only reason we stop offering service for a piece of gear is because we can’t get the parts. If at any time you need to have something serviced, feel free to contact


Thanks for the status update!