NPC firmware versions

I’ve been thinking of upgrading my phono preamp and am interested in digitizing many of my lps. While reading reviews I ran across the comparison of the NPC with several other phono preamps in which the NPC was chosen last in the group. I also noted the Paul sent another sample for comparison. I’m assuming that possibly a firmware update may have been made in the second sample and note that there have been several before arriving at the current version. My question is, have there been changes in the product since introduction that have affected the sonic character of the preamp? And if so, how would you describe them? I do not have a dealer in my area whereby I can audition the product and I would have to just take a chance that the phono preamp will handily outperform my present Musical Fidelity V-LPS with linear power supply. I’m using a VPI Scout with Dynaverctor DV-20X2 low output. Any advice will be greatly appreciated as even at the fantastic closeout price, it is still dear to me at my fixed income.

The changes made to the NPC were quite a while ago and were a combination of a few hardware tweaks and firmware. The firmware changes did help sonically, the hardware changes did not and, thanks to Fremer’s comments, were were able to make a few adjustments though mostly through firmware. Check to make sure you have the latest firmware.

I have never tried the MF unit you are comparing it to, so I can’t give you an honest appraisal, but I can tell you that the NPC is an excellent device that is very musical and it’s what i use to listen to vinyl and record it as well. I think you’d be very happy.

Paul, I have one of the first units built. Are any of the changes you mention firmware based? If there are hardware changes can they be retrofit? I haven’t used my NPC too much lately, but have bought a bunch of LP’s so I need to start listening!

Email me your serial number and I’ll check for you, however the few hardware changes we made were quite minor and never resulted in sonic differences. Do check to see if your firmware has been updated.

Paul, I e-mailed the serial number earlier this afternoon.

I would also like to know about my two early NPC’s that I own. Thank you.

I need some help with the latest version of the NPC firmware. Version .46 is identified as the latest version and Versions .48, 52 and .54 are identified as older versions. Since the version order seems odd, which is the latest version of the NPC firmware?

Version .54 is the latest revision of firmware for the NPC. Why the “current” folder holds an earlier version is a question for the webmaster.

Oops. That’s corrected. Thanks for catching that. If you see any others…blush_gif