NPC USB fails to be recognized and must power off/on to get it to work.


My NPC with the latest firmware has had a problem since it was sold to me. Often, the unit fails to be recognized via USB and the power must be cycled to the NPC to get it to work again. I was told this is a known problem and that a solution was being developed.

It’s been a long time and I am growing more frustrated that PS Audio is not working to resolve this issue. Where is the fix to resolve this issue?

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I am sorry for any delay.

Let me ask the engineering group on your behalf Monday.


Paul, I’d appreciate that and thank you for your personal connection to your products and your customers. Have a good weekend!


What version of NPC code do you have. I am getting ready to release version 54, it has been given to several customers already, that has an updated version of the USB code.I don’t know if this will fix your issue or not, because we are still investigating all the causes of the issue. If you don’t have 54 email me at



Dave sent me the latest version and installed it several days ago. This appears to have corrected the problem as I have had no issues since installing the new f/w. Thanks to everyone for resolving my issue!