NPC Windows drivers missing?

Am I looking in the wrong place? I can’t find the NPC Windows drivers. Can someone please tell me where to find them?

I had them installed on another PC, and was easily able to find them. But have decided to record LPs from a different PC - a clean install. And now - a month or two later - can’t find the drivers anywhere.

Under the “Driver Downloads” tab on the “Downloads” webpage I did find a driver described as “USB DAC Driver DirectStream, DirectStream Jr, PWD, NuWave, Sprout”. Last time I thought NPC was separate. But since this was the only one, I though since it said “NuWave” in the description, maybe it was all NuWave products? So I installed it. And it looked like it worked. Under Control Panel/Sounds/Recording there was a “PS Audio NuWave Phono” device listed.

But when I drill into the properties for the device, under the “Advanced” tab, the Default Format option for sample rate and bit depth are as follows:

  • 2 channel, 16 bit, 176400 Hz (Studio Quality)
  • 2 channel, 24 bit, 176400 Hz
And the NPC manual clearly states:

“If you have DSD selected on the NPC as the audio format you wish to use, the format select window in the Windows Advanced Properties screen will display only two available sample rates: 176.4kHz and 352.8kHz.

Since I do have DSD selected on the NPC, and I’m not seeing those options, I must have installed the wrong driver. Can someone point me to the right one please?


I recently went through some re-installs for the driver in order to use my NPC. As far as I can tell, there is only one PSA driver for all the products (the same one you installed). I am able to record successfully using PCM; haven’t tried DSD, although that is shown as an option in Vinyl Studio.

If you’re recording via a USB connection to a computer, as is typical, the sample rate and bit depth are set in your recording software, not on the front panel, once you select ‘USB Enabled’ option. If you can get what you want in your software, I think you are good to go.

Click Here for How to Install the Windows Driver, including specific guidance for the NPC.

Elk said

Click Here for How to Install the Windows Driver, including specific guidance for the NPC.

Thanks Elk. For both posts actually. Great stuff. I guess now I need to muddle through that link, and then - as you say - enable bit depth and sample rate with my recording software.

Thank you for the quick response! Will report back either way.

Magister got us going in the correct direction. :slight_smile:

Elk said

Magister got us going in the correct direction. :slight_smile:


Apologies Magister! Moving too hastily in my desire to quickly get to a solution. Thank you!

In that link I’d change " …requires the installation of our USB driver available for free download here." to " …requires the installation of our USB driver available for free download here, under the Drivers tab". It takes you straight to the Current Products Updates tab. Most people will figure that out. But possibly not everyone.

And for the record, I deleted my drivers, and then followed these instructions, and the result was exactly the same as in my OP. Which means that link is incorrect about the the available sample rates. And it means that NPC User Manual is likewise incorrect now. Might not matter as it’s being discontinued. But the inconsistency confused me. So I may not be the last.

I’d love to report that I’ve ripped an LP, and all’s working perfectly. But it’s cold outside in Connecticut today, the heat’s cranking, and the static electricity is out of this world. It is about the worst time possible to pull an LP out of its sleeve. Bummer.

But thanks for the help!

Thanks for the update and clarification. This will help others with the same question.

Let us know how it goes when you start recording.