Nuware DSD Led OFF in i2s

I have a problem or a doubt I still do not know for sure, come on.

I connected my Singxer SU-1 (v. 2.20) to my PC using a USB cable, and output to my dac PS Audio Nuware DSD via hdmi / i2s cable.

Use as a player Roon, it detects the Singxer normally and when it runs a DSD file the led dsd on the Singxer lights up, however the led dsd on the dac psaudio not, only the led i2s on.

The question is, the led dsd of PSAudio should light ???

If so, what am I setting up wrong?


Ronaldo Cocuroci

My guess is that Roon is converting DSD for you.

Dear Paul,

I do not think that’s it, Roon sends the dsd signal to the receiving Singxer and indicates the input of this signal and sends it to the dw nuwave dsd.

If Roon or Singxer is decoding the dsd which is then the signal that the nuwave is receiving? Would it be PCM? If it is the led pcm also does not light.

Before Singxer Roon sent the dsd signal to the dac and on it would light the led dsd, but this connecting via usb, now via i2s this is not happening anymore.

In my understanding if the dac is receiving the signal dsd should light the led dsd, if it is receiving pcm should light the led pcm, regardless of which input is being used.

I think there may be some misconfiguration either in Roon or Singxer, but I honestly do not know yet which would be, so my request for help here.