Nuwave DAC has problem with Cyrus Transport


My Nuwave DAC doesnt lock in without playing musik from my Cyrus Transport. At the Nuwave DAC of my friend it locks in after connecting the DAC with the Cyrus Transport. And my DAC doesnt sample up exactly. Can anybody help me?


What are you connecting it with? Give us some more details.


Dear Paul McGowan,

I connected the NUWAVE first with a coax from Real Cable and than with a Toslink. In bothe cases it works with the NUWAVE from my friend but not with my DAC.

Something different with the software?

Thank you for your help!



The way to find out what’s going on is to continue narrowing down the possibilities. For example, borrowing your friends Cyrus transport, bringing it to your home and repeating the test. Using everything the same as what we know works, like his transport and cable - then the only variable is your DAC. If you can keep everything physically identical (not just same type but same actual unit) and one DAC works while the other does not, then you know it must be the DAC. Keep using what you know works until it does not and that should point you in the right direction.


Thank you Paul,

Iwill do so. But one more question: Shoud the NUWAVE DAC lock in without playing musik, just connected with the Transport?