Nuwave DAC top cover screw size


This may sound petty, but I want to replace the top coverscrews on my nuwave DAC. Can you tell me what size they are? Looks like M3-6 but I don’t want to risk it. Thanks


Hello JoeGG,

Happy to assist.
The screws are 4-40 1/4" flat head screws with a 100 degree pitch.
Reach out to us at service@psaudio with your address and we’ll mail you some at no charge.

  • Jeremy


Thank you so much. Unless there are two Jeremys, I am talking to you via email about a mainboard for the same dac. Could we through some screws in the package you’re already sending? I don’t mind buying them



Hi Joseph,

Yes that is me:)
Happy to include some screws for the NuWave in the box.

  • Jeremy