NuWave Dac - which filtering - critical?

The NuWave DAC is a digital component. obviously…

Would that mean, by default, its best when using a power conditioner to pick an outlet designated specifically for filtering digital components?

Or, does the NuWave’s power supply take care of much of that to begin with? Would a outlet for analog work just as well?

Thanks, Gene

Any outlet will work the same (AFAIK) in terms of powering your DAC – should not affect the sound.

The issue is that digital components often put nasty stuff back into the power line that can affect the sound of other components. So follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of your power device. Some make special outlets for digital, which they claim have more filtering to prevent this problem. Others group the outlets; on the P5 that I have, the outlets come in pairs and PSA recommends that you put two devices of the same type on each pair of outlets. Others say it doesn’t matter because all the outlets in a unit are highly filtered. This is something to consider if you are in the process of purchasing a power conditioner.