NuWave DSD loses connection

Everytime the CD Player Display is active, it’s not possible to hear anything from the NuWave DSD.
It seems to be a problem with the noise sensivity of the NuWave DAC.

I also experienced little drop-outs while playing music, when the light switch in the room is actuated.

I’m only using high-quality shielded cables at any section of my set up and I never experienced any problems like this before.

My set up:
CD Player: Trigon Recall
DAC: NuWave DSD (Mains cable: Supra LoRad MkII)
Connected via Aqvox 75 Ohm coaxial digital cable

Has anyone similar experiences or suggestions for help?


I would try isolating the problem. Is it the player or the DAC at fault? Or something else?
Here are some suggestions:

  • Do the analog outs on the player also stop working or produce drop outs?
  • If you swap the coax cable out for another (you can get BNC to RCA adapters to convert one of your other interconnects - here's one on Amazon), does the problem remain?
  • If you move the units to another wall socket, does the problem remain?
  • If you swap out the power cord to the Trigon, do you still have the same issue?
  • If you have another media player with a digital out, try playing it through the NuWave. Does it have the same sort of problem?
Good luck!

Hi msboeh,

In addition to Peanut Butter’s comments I would also like to add that you try lifting the ground on the NuWave and / or the CD player.

You mention that the issue happens when the light switch is switched.

It’s likely a DC spike in the line.

Try moving the DAC to another circuit (preferably one without a switched light) and testing it.

Let me know if this helps address the issue you are experiencing.

Kind wishes,

^ That’s a good one, too! If you don’t have one already, you can get an inexpensive 3-prong to 2-prong plug adapter at your friendly local hardware store.

At first, thanks for the kind support so far!

I have tried all your suggestions and the result is the following:

  • The analog output of the CD-Player is not affected, no distortions at all
  • Swapping the digital interconnect does not solve the issue
  • Swapping the power chords of CD and/or DAC does not solve the issue
  • Using another wall socket makes no difference
  • Using the DAC behind a power conditioner / filter does not solve the problem
  • CD Player display on, but no electrical connection from CD to the DAC is no problem
  • No problems when connecting a other device with digital output to the NuWave
For me it seems to be a problem with electrical noise, caused by the CD-Players display, and transferred via SPDIF to the DAC.

The NuWave synchronizes immediately and plays music, after the CD-Player Display is switched off.