NuWave DSD Optical Input Stutters every few seconds

Hi All,

I just received my new PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC and love the sound. USB and Coaxial inputs work great.

Unfortunately I experience an issue with the Optical input, which I have connected to my Samsung TV optical out (which is set to output stereo MPEG, no Dolby or DTS):

For the first few minutes after I start listening to the Optical input, the audio is briefly muted for a fraction of a second. This happens every 5 seconds or so. When the audio stutters the PCM led also flickers briefly off and then on.

After a few minutes the stuttering stops and the audio is played uninterrupted. However, whenever I change channels on my TV the cycle of a few minutes stuttering starts again. Even though I do not use the optical connection for high quality listening (I use USB for that) this is very annoying, since it is the only input option I can use to listen to digital radio and movies from my TV.

Some more info: the optical signal is 48 KHz, 24 bits. This is displayed by the Oppo HA-1 DAC, which plays the same optical connection using the same optical cable without issues (but which I do intend to replace with the NuWave because the NuWave simply sounds better).

Can anyone help we with this? Anyone experiencing similar issues?


Unfortunately it’s a software bug and we know how to fix it but a few escaped without it. We’ll happily pay to have it shipped back and reprogrammed for you with our apologies.

Thanks for clarifying the issue and for the offer. My supplier is discussing options with the distributor to see if the other NuWave DSD’s that they have on hand also have the same bug.

If they have a bug-free unit in stock, I expect they will offer me a quick replacement, which would be much better than shipping a unit back and forth between Europe and the USA (I live in the Netherlands). If they do not have a bug-free unit, I will send the faulty one back and wait for the next batch to arrive (I have the current unit on trial, I have not yet purchased it).

PS My compliments on the superb sound quality, it has been quite a while since I experienced music with such an emotional impact :-)

Update: I received a new NuWave DSD 2 days ago from my supplier, unfortunately it has the same problem. When I plug the optical cable into a my Oppo HA-1 DAC or Avi ADM 9.1 monitors with integrated DAC, they play the same signal without issues.

Is there some way to determine whether a unit has the latest software?


Most of the time when we hear of optical signal problems, we have found that the connector housing is not well aligned to the optical detector. In more techspeak, the optical reference is not the same as the mechanical reference. This is due to assembly tolerance. You can tell pretty easily by just looking into the connector end. The detector lens should look like a bullseye, centered in the connector.

The fix is to loosen the mounting screw, insert the fiber optic connector, wiggle it to get the best signal performance and tighten the screw again.

There is likely a bias (alignment tolerance) difference between your optical cable and the one we use for final systems test. That is why two units would exhibit similar behavior.