Nuwave DSD plays 352Khz

Hi guys,

I have a NuWave dsd and really like it, amazing bang for buck, today was reading a CA topic about the new Stellar Gain Cell Dac and someone said that spec sheet mentions 384Khz capability, at the same time I remember reading somewhere Paul saying that the Dac part of the Stellar is the same as the NuWave DSD, that I believed was 192Khz capable only.

So out of curiosity bought a 352Khz from HDTracks to check if it the NuWave could play it, and to my surprise it plays.

So can you confirm that the Nuwave is 384Khz capable?



Both Stellar and NuWave DSD are capable of 384kHz

Has the NuWave DSD been discontinued? It’s no longer showing in the DAC products page/list.

Yes. It has been replaced by the Stellar Gain Cell DAC.

Hi Paul,
Just bought recentlyt the NuWave DSD and couldn’t play 384khz.
It needs any software or firmware upgrade?

No, unfortunately it is hardware limited and cannot.