NuWave DSD Sounding Harsh over Xlr


I’m newer to Hifi and recently purchased a NuWave DSD Dac. The music sounds a lot more forward, energetic, but to the point that the highs are harsh and the music is less detailed.

My System:
North Star Design Blue Diamond Preamp/Amplifier:
Kef Q700 Speakers

When I switch to RCA, the sound flattens, but becomes a lot more pleasant and ‘realistic’. I have a song by Billie Eilish (of all artists) called “I love You” that always gives me goose bumps for some reason. Over vinyl, it’s amazing. When I play it over a Sony receiver (before I upgraded pieces and used hdmi from laptop using Tidal), it sounds very full, smooth, and detailed. Goose bumps. The NuWave with a high quality USB and Tidal over xlr is a much fuller dynamic range, but less detailed/transparent and no goose bumps. Like something is missing and I feel it’s the lack of detail.

Are there any recommendations about how I can get the most from this dac? Specifically the detail and toning down the brightness over xlr.

Kind Regards from Toronto,

  • Rixon