NuWave Phono Converter - Blue LED PS logo turn off?

Hi folks,

Is there a way to turn OFF the PS Audio Blue LED logo light? I understand why it is on, and would prefer to keep the unit on, but I live in a studio apartment and the light brightens my bedroom. I would love for there to be an option in the display settings to turn it off while leaving the unit powered up. The rest of the display automatically goes off - why not this too?


I do not know of a way to turn off the logo, or the "I have power’ LEDs on many pieces of equipment. I agree; they are annoying.

I suggest a bit of painter’s tape if you can accept this aesthetically, or this product.

We always leave it on as a means of telling if the unit’s on or off. You could open the unit up and pull the wires off the button (they are on a plug) but otherwise it’ll keep going. Sorry about that.

Elk, did you notice for $157.89 you can have Expert Installation?

It is something new I have been seeing on Amazon.

Actually there is a way which I discovered by accident. If you have a PSA remote control, either the older black one or the newer silver one, point it at the NPC and hit the off button. The light will go out. The only downside is that you have to remember to turn it back on with the remote or none of the front panel options are visible. If you don’t own a component that came with a remote, PSA will probably sell you one at a reasonable price.

That would be the ticket. Thanks @magister .

@adminpaul can you verify this operation? And would you sell a remote which works for this purpose? Thanks

Magister’s trick works on my NPC. Point the remote at it and the blue light turns off. Cool. I, unlike some, loves me some soothing blue lights! (both PS Audio and Mcintosh)

Very neat Easter egg. Well done, Magister!

If you don’t own a PSA remote, possibly programming a PSA device into a “Logitech” or some other learning remote would allow you to emulate the “off command” you desire.

If I knew someone with a PS Audio remote, I could borrow it and learn it into my Sony learning remote. Alas, I do not. I’ve been informed from someone at PS Audio that I can buy a remote for $15 - I intend to take them up on that…

I was able to add a PS Audio device, one of the DACs, to my Harmony Remote, 1100 in my case, and I can confirm that the DAC’s power on and off functions turn the logo on and off. Cool stuff!

I wonder what other sort of goodies a remote control directed at the NPC can do? Any thoughts from PS Audio engineering?

SO - after a lengthy transaction with PS Audio to get a remote, it does not work for this function. The remote I was sold looks like this:

PSA remote

The invoice I received says it is a Remote Control P3/P5/P10. Did they sell me the wrong device?

Yes - wrong remote. Presumably to tried pressing the ON and POWER buttons while pointing the remote at the NPC. You need the one for the BHK Preamp and DMP or one of the black remotes that came with the PWD/PWT/DSD.

Sorry you got the wrong one.

Doh! We’ll get you the right one right away. Sorry.embarassed

Hi @cutandcover

Sorry for the miscommunication, and sending out the wrong remote. I’m about to email you, and send you the proper silver remote that will turn the logo light off.

Thanks James! Got the remote today and it works very nicely. A few other things it does - in case anyone is wondering (mostly not remote-type items, but it still works):

  • ON button lights up the NPC

  • OFF button turns PS light and display off

  • PHONO and ANALOG buttons switch the NPC’s input

  • PHASE switches between In-Phase and Out-of-Phase

  • MONO button switches between playing in Stereo or Mono

pretty cool. Thanks for all the help here!


Thanks for letting us know.

Hey @cutandcover ,

Happy to help! Very interesting! Thanks for writing them down.

  • James

wait, what?

I have a DS JR and would like to turn that light off too.

I figured it was a joke since pointing the remote and pressing off…would just turn everything off no?

an explanation would be well received


No joke but nothing that is probably going to help you.

The NPC is PSA’s now-discontinued combination phono stage and A-D converter. It is designed to be left on all the time (i.e., it has no standby or on-off switch on the front panel). As I said in my original post, I discovered by accident that the Off button the remote turns the blue light off. It doesn’t turn the whole unit off since there is no provision for that short of using the rocker switch on the back.

I don’t own a DS JR but I assume it has a standby switch and that this would be controlled by the remote. If it has has no standby or off mode aside from the rear switch, then this trick might work.