NuWave Phono Converter Display Problem

Does any one of you can help?
Recent I found my NuWave Phono Converter got problem. The display is unable to back on even press any of 4 front panel button. I tried to turn off the main power at the back for few hours. The display can be on and PS Audio logo appeared after turn on the main power at the back after few hours. However it turn off automatically after several seconds and cannot wake up again until turn off the main power at the back again.
I sent it back to authorized dealer in HK for checking cause my phono converter has been using since Jan 2014. I think probably the display died due to keeping to use for several years and never turned off the main power from day one.
I received a phone calling from authorized dealer and told me that it is no problem found on hardware, probably firmware problem. However, latest firmware, npc .54 USB updated into my phono converter, so may I ask, if it is related to firmware problem, any new firmware update will be released on the coming future? Or can it be downgraded to npc update 52 to solve this display problem?

Hi ellen_ng,

Thanks for letting us know about this and sorry to hear that the NPC’s screen is giving you trouble.
Our first suggestion would be to have you reset the unit with the reset button on the rear panel.
This should reset the unit and set the display to high.
Then I recommend that you confirm that the firmware is version 00.55.

If this does not address the issue please reach out to us at

We’ll be happy to get you taken care of.

  • Jeremy

Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for your reply. I tried to reset the unit before sending the unit back to Radar Audio for checking, however, it can not give enough time to make the whole set up process then the display off.
Radar Audio told me that a latest firmware, (I think it should be 00.55 version) has been installed and updated into the unit, however the problem is still unable to solve.
Right now, my unit still keep in Radar Audio. So I try to ask, any solution can be solved this problem.



Hello ellen_ng,

Thanks for the update.
Radar Audio is a very well know and trustworthy distributor.
We have faith that they will take care of this issue in good time.
Please let me know if you have any further issues with servicing your NPC.
Thanks in advance,

  • Jeremy

Hello Jeremy,

Just contact Radio Audio to update my NPC status, a gentleman updated me that once take out the I2S cable from the unit, the display can be back to normal process without any question. However after insert back the I2S cable into the unit, problem come again.

So any problem about I2S port? Is it needed to change the digital board??
Beside this point, I also checked some comment on community forum that BHK Preamp and DMP remote can be applied on NPC.

I think if, in case BHK Preamp and DMP remote can be solved this problem, so is it possible to find one for trying cause my NPC didn’t come with remote.

Which or any solution can applied on my NPC better?


Finally Radar Audio still cannot fix the problem even the firmware 0.55 upgraded. I got back the unit from them.

Finally took the unit back home. BUT the problem still unable to fix even the firmware was upgraded to 00.55.

OK! here I got another question about 00.55, I tried to find the latest firmware on PS download page is up to 00.54 and no 00.55 released. so I would like to ask what happen to 00.55, 00.55 is not a official?? if 00.55 is official then it should release on download page.

Would you please release the latest firmware 00.55 or above on download page that I can download it and re-install into my unit to solve the problem.

Cause I still unable to fix the problem.
I have an ideal, see whether PS Audio can accept or not? Is it possible to take out / cut / delete the duration function on the menu? If no duration function that means the unit can never sleep again.

I used to think there was a problem with my NPC that was doing the same thing. I later found out that the NPC was misinterpreting signals from my Directstream DAC remote as a turn off signal. if you have a Directstream DAC or a PWT or DMP you can turn the display off and on with it. this will also extinguish the blue logo led which on the NPC is not a switch.