Nuwave Phono Converter for sale

factory fresh warranty replacement .

make me an offer.



Is this a Nuwave Phono Converter or a Nuwave DAC? They are both converters?

good one, you caught me. i did i little edit to clarify

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Curious as to why your selling. It’s a superb piece of kit.

the recording features went unused and i have switched to an EAT e-glo s, wanting to give the tube thing a shot.

the oled screen failed on my original unit right when ps audio was moving their operations and they found it easier to just replace the thing. the ceo,paul, even got involved . i was impressed with customer care and im pretty sure this new unit has a full 3 year warranty on it.


Still for sale? If so, can you post some pics? Thanks.

Is it still for sale?

pm sent, thanks.

yes, although i will admit im not trying very hard to unload it

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I realize the odds are poor, but not having seen a “Sold” Flag, I’ll ask anyway:
Is your Phono Converter still for sale?