NuWave Phono Converter problems with annoying sound

Hello! I use my NuWave Phono Converter to rip some vinyls and its working great, one of the best products I have bought. Thanks for making a great product.

Recently, several times, it can go 2 weeks between, or so, it startet to get a very light annoying sound(beep sound?), when it have been power on for a long time. I have to turn it off, take out the power cable, and wait like 5-10 mins. Plug it in again, and everything is fine.

I have the firmware 0.54 on the main.

Is there something i can do, to fix this?

I cannot imagine what that might be, It doesn’t sound like something in the NPC, perhaps it’s in something attached to it?

The only thing attached to it is the Linn LP12, Lingo 4, grounding from LP12(maybe this is wrong?) 5 meter USB cabel, connected to amplifier and power.

Can this help to understand what i may have done wrong?

It’s not clear if the “beep” is coming from inside the NPC or if it is coming from the speakers. A little more explanation might help. One other thing, a 5M USB cable is right at the limit. Ted Smith has said in the past that 5M is the limit for USB cables. Behind that length bad things happen! As a test you could try a shorter cable to see if that makes a difference.

Oh! I explained bad, the sound comes from the speakers, but stopes when i power down NPC. When i turn it on, it starts again. If i turn NPC off, remove power cable for 5-10 mins, connect it, and power it on, the sound is gone.

Ok, that helps. I would definitely try another shorter USB cable if you can.

Okey, i will try, it just so werid this works great for 2-3 weeks, then i have to shutdown NPC, before everything is okey again. I also use a AudioQuest Jitterbug before the USB is connected to my iMac.

:poop: Let’s not get carried away! :poop:

I, too, was amused by this, hopefully, typo.

Shutdown!! Norwegian keyboard!


It happens to the best of us, and it could just as easily happen on a USA keyboard, too, as the “U” and the “I” are next to each other. Hope you don’t mind that I had a little fun at your typographical expense!

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No harm, im sitting here enjoying ripping vinyl from my wonderful NPC:)