NuWave Phono Converter

I noticed that price has been halved and a “while supplies last” notice was posted. Is the NuWave Phono Converter being discontinued? If I purchase one of these, can I connect it to my DS DAC via i2S for the turntables output?

The answers are Yes and Yes.

The NuWave Phono Converter is in its end of life phase, thus now is the time to get one.

It was designed to be able to connect to the PWD or DSD to use the DAC as a multiple input source / switch effectively doing ‘digital’ preamp duty. Not a bad choice if you happen to prefer running the DAC directly to the amp.


Well, this puts a (big) budgetary wrinkle in my life…

So if I’m understanding you correctly, get a turntable, connect it to the NuWave, connect the NuWave to my DS DAC with an HDMI cable via 12S, and I start spinning vinyl?

You understand correctly. Or if you use a preamp you can connect the analog outputs of the NPC to it. Your choice.

I guess the really nice thing about the NPC is you can rip your precious vinyl to dsd before your stylus chews a bit away each play, and save the good black stuff for critical or nostalgic spins

That’s certainly part of it but it’s a very good phono stage in its own right.