Nuwave Phono


My NuWave Phono converter is hooked up to my Oppo HA-1 DAC via coax. Sounds lovely.

And to my Mac Mini via USB, for recording when I want to.

When I set the NPC to “USB Enabled” I get silence, or noise, or just the left channel, or… through the coax.

Is it supposed to be possible to have both outputs live simultaneously? Or must I disconnect the coax output when sending to computer USB?

many thanks for wisdom!

– P

I run mine and get both to out put. However, the recording software (I use Vnyl Studio), the NPC and the DAC have to be set for the same resolution. For example the NPC would be set at PCM, 192/24, the DAC would be set to stream 192/24 and your recording software would be set to record 192/24. I found if I were to make a change, say set Vinyl Studio to record 96/24, while the NPC was set at PCM 196/24 or DSD, I would experience silence as you’re describing.

I have my NPC connected to my DirectStream DAC via i2s. With my VPI Classic 3, NPC, MacBook, Vinyl Studio combo, I have been very pleased with the vinyl rips I’ve been able to create.

Hope this helps,