NuWave specs and Owner's Manual released

We just finished our most extensive Owner’s Manual yet.

Very nicely done, Paul. Informative and technical and still very readable. I’m very much looking forward to the NPC’s arrival.

Very nice indeed. Can’t wait to get mine. Hope it’s soon.

Pic of rear panel ! Thks

Thanks guys, worked hard on that one. Let me know if you find any boo boos.

We’ll start shipping the first units next week. That is if the creek don’t rise - and with the rain still coming down in buckets here, that old saying might come true! Cross your fingers. We sent everyone home early and there may not be many of us coming into work tomorrow. Some of our employees can’t get back to their homes, others can’t leave their homes.

Now, where were those high water pants and waders…

Any idea Paul how long to get all of these first units shipped, asuming that creek don’t rise, mine was ordered probably near the end.

From what I saw on the evening news it looks like Boulder really got hammered, and it’s not done yet. Best of luck to all at PSA.

Nice job on this Paul, as always. B-)

Thanks guys. We’re ok so far. We’ve closed the offices until Monday, most of our employees unable to leave their homes let alone get to work. Terri and I live close enough we’re manning the many buckets we’ve had to place throughout the facilities to handle the leaking roof. Thing that pisses me off is we had a new roof put on the building last year.

Thankfully the IRS system is unscathed as of last night. Can’t say as much for some of the carpets and warehouse area, but those are replaceable.

Very frustrating situation. Hang in there, Paul.

The news reports look seriously bad - I hope PS gets through relatively unscathed.

Paul, I’ve gone through the draft manual several times and overall it’s real good. Far better than most (not including PS Audio) high end equipment manuals. I did notice a couple of items that I wanted to ask about. The first is where the overall gain is discussed in the manual. It would seem logical that it being part of the phono section it would be discussed along with other aspects of the phono stage. It’s actually at the end of the Mode section, quite disassociated from the rest of the phono section. I think it was placed at the end since it was the natural progression of the Mode button operation. Perhaps a reference to that section would minimize any confusion. One other thing I noticed in the cartridge loading section, it says “The switches must be moved in pairs (one for the left and one for the right channel).” Since I don’t have the unit in front of me (yet) I have to rely on the photo in the manual. It sure looks like only one switch per position, not a pair of switches. Is this a typo or is the photo not totally revealing? I also found a few other very minor things, I can pass those on if you want them. So sorry to hear about all the flooding in Colorado, hopefully the worst is over. I hesitated in sending this to avoid adding to the burden, so feel free to ignore if it does just that.

Each channel has its own set of loading selector switches. The switches must be set the same for both channels or else the channels will not be balanced and things would certainly sound wrong!


Is the picture in the draft manual correct? I see only one set of switches and they seem to not be “siamesed”.

The picture is correct. So look at 100 Ohms. See how the silk screen on the back panel is around switches 9 and 10? That’s a pair that needs to be activated to get 100Ohms.

@pmotz Thanks. Makes sense and I’ll see if I can change. Yes, I wrote that in order of the menu, so as you scroll through the menu that’s what you see and how it works. Probably should add something referring back to that in the phono section. Feel free to send me any glitches you find with my thanks. Our Chief engineer’s basement flooded this morning as the ground water table is still rising. Been helping vacuum water all morning. We’re all safe.

Now I see what you mean by pairs, duh! Guess I was looking at it differently. Thanks for the clarification.

No worries. It’s not labeled as L and R so it can be confusing.

Paul, as promised here are my comments. Organized by section, page number, and “subsection” of the manual. Use or discard as you see fit! (Sorry if this seems a bit much, I used to do this kind of thing as a part of my job)

Introduction, p. v , “Output digital or analog” - in the second line it says “…outputs, or DAC, mixing console …”, rewrite as "…outputs, or output to a DAC, mixing console …"

Introduction, p. v , “Pure analog path” - in the third line it says “…1.9nV/√Hz…”, is the symbol before Hz square root? Can’t say I’ve seen that before, not saying its wrong though.

Getting Started, p. 1 - recommend adding a note, maybe as a part of “Keep the protective cover”, to save the packing materials! Always a good thing to retain.

Owners Guide, p. 4, “S/PDIF Output” - in the third line it says “…will send either PCM and DSD to any …” Rewrite as "…will send either PCM or DSD to any …"

Owners Guide, p. 4, “I2S Output” - in the second paragraph the last two sentences discuss the I2S Output and are somewhat redundant. Probably could combine into one sentence.

Owners Guide, p. 7, “PCM/DSD Select” - in the second line it says “…or DSD (Direct Stream Digital which is sometimes referred to as SACD)…” I understand what you’re saying but would it be more accurate to say “…or DSD (Direct Stream Digital which is the encoding process used for SACD)…”? DSD and SACD are not the same, SACD is a proprietary process that uses DSD, but you can’t create an SACD directly from the NuWave Phono Converter without the Sony software and an SACD burner.

Owners Guide, p. 8 & 9, “USB Select” - in the second paragraph (on page 9), the second line, it says “…Windows Driver available through this link or through…” Not sure if there is supposed to be an embedded link to separate site or just to the PS Audio site which is listed below. If it is the one below maybe just refer to it as “the link below”.

Owners Guide, p. 9, “Install the new driver” - in the first line add “each” after "communicating with"

Owners Guide, p. 13, “Cartridge gain setting” - in the first line it talks about the available gain. Assume the gain all done in the analog domain, so might want to state that to avoid any confusion.