Ohno interconnects anyone?

I am currently testing the BHK Pre and and a P12 in my setup. I have the DSD since previously. The dealer gave me xlr cables from Audience Ohno, which I have never heard of.

Since the BHK Pre and the P12 add SO much magic to the system it is hard to judge about the cables. Anyone of you that has opinions to share? Should I keep them is basically I guess my question…?


Did he give them to you or offer to sell them to you?

If they were given on trial, go to your local pro audio store and get a pair of Mogami 2534 XLR, or find them on Amazon. Then compare them to the Audience cables. If you can’t hear a difference, you’ve probably saved a lot of money.

If the money is not an issue, that’s a different matter.

I have some at home in the UK that I used until I got an all-in-one unit and will happily send them to you for a very modest sum an a few Kr for the postage, but you should be able to get them at an y pro audio or guitar store.

Audience make some of the best cables. And if the “Ohno” means they used OHNO conductors, the cables might be quite decent, especially for the price. Google Ohno copper.

This is a dealer here in Texas, he gives his opinion on them and also lists out several other reviews, all seem very positive:

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As an aside, Galen is a delight and wonderfully knowledgeable.


agree with @RonP the audience cables are pretty special while every system and every listener is different i must admit i really like the Audience cables in my system just around the detail they give me. Also note the burn in time on these is not just a couple of hours - recently did new audience powercords and they seem to take forever to settle down.

good luck & have fun…

I seem to remember Paul mentioning in a video that OHNO copper wire is used in critical (signal path?) parts of the BHK250, 300 & BHK preamp.

Thanks all, interesting thoughts. I think they will stay here :yum:

Not an exact answer to your question, but I’m using Audience Conductor XLR between the CD player and SGCD. It was a nice upgrade from the Analysis Plus XLR. Better soundstage and detail.

My VooDoo Cable interconnects have Ohno copper and silver. Love them! There’s Ohno in my PS Audio power cables too. It’s the good stuff imo.