Old equipment stuff

I just made this because i didn’t see anywhere to ask about old equipment.

i have an old PS audio elite integrated 55 watt amp/preamp combo from the 70`s ish and i have an old pair of polk studio monitor sevens but both are 30 years old and the amp had to be rebuilt meaning its time to upgrade my speakers. (shout out to Pro Tec Electronics @ akrontvrepair.com) and i have no clue what speakers to get that will math the amp and have that deep rich sound that is so hard to get.

I use an Elite Plus in my upstairs system. It’s not particular about what speakers it powers; if the drivers in your Polk 7’s are still working well, I wouldn’t be in a rush to get rid of them at all. If and when you do, there are plenty of options though. One brand that might fit quite well with it would be Human Speakers (humanspeakers.com) - he makes his own line and also rebuilds Genesis. Check out his Model 81. I am using my Elite now with a pair of Sequerra Met 7 Mk II’s and a small REL subwoofer - this is an extremely satisfying combination and is not embarrassed by my “big” system but the Sequerras are now hard to find. Lots of stuff out there though, depending as always on budget.

BTW I once owned a pair of Polk 10’s, the original version with Peerless tweeter. My ears have hopefully evolved since then but at the risk of a bit of audiophile-ridicule I will say that if I were stuck on a desert island with a pair of those and no other speakers, I would not feel that I was suffering. I think the 7’s are probably better within their frequency limits as they are not fighting that big floppy cabinet that the 10’s have. So again, if they are in good shape I would think twice about replacing them, and beware the sideways move.