Old records found in wifes grandfathers garage

Don’t get to excited, they old, rough shape some broken. Been in Garage in New England for 20+ years my guess. Cold winters and muggy summers and all.

I have no idea where to begin. How to clean how to check what they are (I think most are garbage off the wall ones - I did see Don Ho’s greatest hits)

Any advise for a non Vinyl person. 5 picks of the 4 stacks I have moved inside for now.

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Based on the condition, and the titles that are viewable I’d take them directly to the curb. Of course if you see a title or two that you cherish that’s a horse of a different color.


If you were a “vinyl person”, I would suggest you find albums that you would like to listen to and if they appear to be in good shape, bring them to a record shop for cleaning, assuming they have a good machine. Or contact https://www.perfectvinylforever.com if they are gems.

Lol. Are you saying polka time and music of Charlie Brown is not worth anything?

I figured as much. Just bought them inside to see what was out there.

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I bet Al’s rabbits would like “Down on the farm”


Those that you refer to were the keepers, :laughing:
Seriously, those that catch your ear and visually look playable may be worth a quick cleaning.