Old records found in wifes grandfathers garage

Don’t get to excited, they old, rough shape some broken. Been in Garage in New England for 20+ years my guess. Cold winters and muggy summers and all.

I have no idea where to begin. How to clean how to check what they are (I think most are garbage off the wall ones - I did see Don Ho’s greatest hits)

Any advise for a non Vinyl person. 5 picks of the 4 stacks I have moved inside for now.

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Based on the condition, and the titles that are viewable I’d take them directly to the curb. Of course if you see a title or two that you cherish that’s a horse of a different color.


If you were a “vinyl person”, I would suggest you find albums that you would like to listen to and if they appear to be in good shape, bring them to a record shop for cleaning, assuming they have a good machine. Or contact https://www.perfectvinylforever.com if they are gems.

Lol. Are you saying polka time and music of Charlie Brown is not worth anything?

I figured as much. Just bought them inside to see what was out there.

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I bet Al’s rabbits would like “Down on the farm”


Those that you refer to were the keepers, :laughing:
Seriously, those that catch your ear and visually look playable may be worth a quick cleaning.

There could be a copy of Al Sherman’s “My Son the Nut” which is priceless, goofy and maybe worth cleaning. Otherwise they do look ready for the landfill.

My wife and daughter and I volunteer for oour church’s annual giant garage sale. Every year hundreds of vinyl albums, and huge piles of CD’s are left after the sale ends. It costs money to haul it away so they tell us to take as much as we want. I have never seen so many Bill Cosby records in one place.

I have maybe 30 LP’s total I have taken. And maybe 10 CD’s. If I liked Christmas music (I don’t), or if I liked both kinds of music, Country or Western, (again, no thank you) those numbers would be much higher.

But I did get lots of comedy albums from Bob Newhart and Martin Mull. Plus old chestnuts from Dean Martin and Mel Torme. But so much went into the trash.

I donated pretty much my entire DVD collection and could have brought most of it back home. These were all titles I chose and meant something to me at one time. Nope, into the dumpster they went. DVD’s, please!