Outdoor Listening Setup

I don’t have one yet, but seriously contemplating putting some outside. Even if I have to bring the amp in and out because of weather. Of course it’s not an ideal controlled environment, but if you don’t see it as heressy, it would be nice to know your experiences trying this. One of my Sprouts would be the amp. Speakers, so many out there. I can’t do my cigars in any of the rooms inside because that has an extremely low WAF.

Definitive Technology

I have a pair mounted to a wall just under a roof eve (horizontally mounted) providing sound for a 2nd level deck. Can’t tell you how much joy they bring to my life. By the standards here, their quite the bargain. I drive them with a Music Hall integrated located in the same rack as my big rig. Hard to get any bass outside but set up right, these work great.

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Sounds like what I’m trying to setup on my lanai. I’m also thinking about those green underground cans, may there’s a better bass response…maybe. I currently do with an old Bluetooth speaker, but is not satisfying at all.